If you are new to JUSP, our Getting Started Guide will show you how to log in, run reports and find other useful information about your data. Our short video guides give quick overviews of key features of JUSP and recordings of previous webinars are available on the Events and Training page.

Viewing Release 5 usage data (January 2019 onwards)

New reports, views and data visualisations will be developed throughout 2019 and we will continue to add guides to support users.

Viewing Release 4 usage data

Guides are available for each report in the Journal (R4) and Books and other (R4) area of JUSP. Each report guide covers: what the report shows, how to run the report, how to interpret the data and top tips.

Updating core title information

JUSP collects core title information from Knowledge Base+ (KB+) and marks up these journal titles in the R4 journal reports and R5 custom reports. For more information about KB+ and core titles please see: