Video Guides to JUSP

These short video guides provide a quick overview of features in JUSP and the COUNTER Release 5 reports.

Introducing JUSP

Watch Introducing JUSP for a 3 minute introduction to JUSP. Find out what JUSP is and what it can do for libraries.

COUNTER Release 5 reports

This series of videos gives a bitesize introduction to COUNTER Release 5 reports and JUSP.

  1. What are COUNTER Release 5 reports and views? (4 mins 50) – Introduces COUNTER R5 concepts, master reports and standard views.
  2. What data is held in JUSP? (4 mins 03) – Looks at how JUSP collects data, R4 and R5 data coverage, and where to find information.
  3. What is being counted? (9 mins 38) – Explains how counts are described, differences between total and unique metric types and why these are important.
  4. What reports and views are available in JUSP? (16 mins 04) – Shows the range of reports available in JUSP and gives examples of when to use them.
  5. How can I use Excel pivot tables with R5 reports? (5 mins 30) – Demonstrates how pivot tables can help you analyse R5 data in a quick and simple way.
  6. How can JUSP filters tailor reports to my requirements? (13 mins 59) – Shows how the flexibility of the report filter tools gives you new ways of viewing data beyond pre-set reports.