Join JUSP for UK academic libraries

JUSP is provided as a core service to Jisc members as part of their subscription. We gather data on behalf of participating libraries, making it quick and easy to measure the usage of electronic journals, books and databases.

If your organisation is not a Jisc member, contact to find out about our consultancy and advisory services for online content usage data management.

We recommend that you check the list of participating suppliers, service description and our guide to help you decide whether JUSP is right for your institution. If you have any queries, please contact and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our member libraries benefit from an easy to use tool that fits seamlessly into library workflows and speeds up the process of decision making and reporting. Find out more about how some of our users are using JUSP through our use cases and case studies.

What is the process for institutions joining JUSP?

Joining JUSP is a quick and simple process.

Step one: Sign up to JUSP by accepting the agreement through licence subscriptions manager.

Step two: The JUSP team check your active Jisc Collections agreements and contact you to find out which other participating publishers and suppliers you use. Once we have received your list of publishers and suppliers, we will send you details of the data collection process for each (in some cases we may need to request further details such as an account number and SUSHI credentials), activate your access and add you to the JUSP libraries mailing list.

When you join, we will collect data back to January 2019 where possible. We will collect the new COUNTER Release 5 reports, unless these are not yet available, in which case we will gather Release 4 where we can.