COUNTER Release 5 service transition for libraries

Updated: April 2, 2019

Compliance with Release 5 (R5) of the COUNTER Code of Practice is now mandatory with delivery of January 2019 usage reports. This latest update provides JUSP participating libraries with details of how the move from COUNTER Release 4 to Release 5 will impact upon their use of JUSP this year.

JUSP service development

The move to COUNTER Release 5 enables Jisc to make certain improvements to the JUSP service including:

  • Offering a single point of access to R5 journal, book, database and platform reports as opposed to the current dual access mechanism
  • Access to a smaller number of reports and visualisations but with more flexibility to amend parameters such as time period
  • Access to complete aggregator reports for journals in addition to books, databases and platform reports

A decision was taken to remove JUSP titles and deals functionality from the service. This feature sees relatively little use, and as title lists originating from KB+ are not actively maintained in JUSP following initial collection, subsequent changes made by a publisher are not reflected. Jisc's Transforming Library Support Services project will provide an opportunity to explore more efficient processes for delivering this type of functionality in future.

JUSP Release 5 service functionality from 1 April 2019

From April the JUSP portal provides functionality to access COUNTER Release 5 (R5) reports in addition to Release 4 (R4) reports.

The initial iteration of the R5 portal provides access to standard views and custom reports providing information about usage of journals, books and platforms. Further reports such as databases and multimedia will be added in future months as they become available in addition to functionality to filter master reports. As the aggregation of R5 data in JUSP is extended throughout 2019, trend and summary-level reports will be developed to support analysis. These additional reports, which will replicate R4 functionality such as the SCONUL report and usage profiling, will be developed in consultation with JUSP libraries and with SCONUL.

COUNTER Release 5 supplier data

Although suppliers were expected to provide R5 reports from February, in practice there's a significant number of suppliers that have yet to make compliant reports available or who have indicated a delay to the anticipated timescale. There's also a number of suppliers that have yet to provide details of their R5 SUSHI server, harvesting processes or provide new SUSHI credentials where these are required.

We're working with a broad range of suppliers to support their move to R5 and will continue to test, evaluate and load R5 data once suppliers make compliant reports available. An update on progress with R5 data is available via the portal.

The JUSP team are strong advocates for standards-based usage data and recognise the value of shared approaches to development. As such we will continue to support publishers and suppliers making the transition from COUNTER Release 4 to Release 5, recognising that providers have differing resources at their disposal to support this. However, prioritising delivery of Release 5 reports should be the goal to support consistent, comparable measurement.

COUNTER Release 4 supplier data

Given the challenges suppliers are experiencing in moving to R5, the JUSP team made a decision to continue collection of R4 data during the R5 transition period (January to March 2019). Although R4 data is no longer compliant with the latest release of the COUNTER standard, the team recognise that libraries need some form of usage data to evaluate their subscriptions, and any delay in accessing this will adversely impact upon their work. Consequently, R4 data collection will continue until March 2019 usage data is collected in April 2019.

Training and support

We've developed a range of support materials to help you understand and use the new R5 reports.

Over the next few months we will be offering a range of materials and training to support your transition from COUNTER Release 4 and Release 5. Your questions, ideas and requirements will inform the development of these materials so please contact us via the helpdesk (mentioning JUSP in the subject line) if you have any questions or need specific support.

Throughout 2019

The development of new reports, views and data visualisations will continue throughout 2019. We will also continue to evaluate the JUSP R5 service throughout 2019, ensuring that feedback supports ongoing development of this new service.

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