JUSP service description: 2019


The JUSP service collects, aggregates and presents usage data for online resources from publishers and aggregators on behalf of participating libraries and library consortia. Not only does JUSP offer a single point of access to usage data, it provides institutions with a variety of reports and analytical tools, supported by user guides and support materials. JUSP uses the SUSHI protocol to gather COUNTER reports. Through its SUSHI server JUSP enables institutions to re-harvest data for inclusion in their own library management tools for local analysis.

Compliance with Release 5 (R5) of the COUNTER Code of Practice became mandatory with delivery of January 2019 usage reports in February. The JUSP portal provides functionality to access COUNTER R5 reports in addition to historical Release 4 (R4) reports.

This description outlines R4 portal functionality in addition to current and planned R5 functionality.

COUNTER R5 status update

It should be noted that although suppliers were expected to provide R5 reports from February 2019, in practice there's a significant number of suppliers that have yet to make compliant reports available or who have indicated a delay to the anticipated timescale. The JUSP team are working with a broad range of suppliers to support their move to R5 and will continue to test, evaluate and load R5 data once suppliers make compliant reports available. A list of publishers and COUNTER reports (4 and 5) available in JUSP is indicated with a green tick here: https://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/participants/

The team are strong advocates for standards-based usage data and recognise the value of shared approaches to development. As such we will continue to support publishers and suppliers making the transition from COUNTER R4 to R5, recognising that providers have differing resources at their disposal to support this. However, prioritising delivery of R5 reports should be the ultimate goal to support consistent, comparable measurement.

Service infrastructure

R5 COUNTER reports harvested

JUSP currently harvests three of the COUNTER master reports: Title Master Report (TR) which covers both books and journals, Platform Master Report (PR), and Database Master Report (DR). The Item Master Report (IR) will be introduced at a later date when available from participating suppliers.

R5 date range

Provided that a publisher has transitioned to COUNTER R5, delivering compliant data within the requisite time period and SUSHI harvesting has been implemented, participating libraries have access to data from January 2019 to the last available month.

JUSP R5 usage reports provided

The R5 portal currently provides access to standard views, custom reports and functionality to filter master reports for journals, books, platforms and databases. Further reports including multimedia will be added in due coursein addition to trend and summary-level reports. These additional reports, which will replicate R4 functionality such as the SCONUL report and usage profiling, will be developed in consultation with participating libraries and with organisations such as SCONUL.

An indicative time frame for development and delivery of additional reports is outlined below:

  • From Q4 2019: functionality to view trend and summary level reports delivered
  • From Q4 2019: R5 data visualisations delivered

R4 COUNTER reports harvested

JUSP harvests R4 reports (JR1, JR1a, JR1 GOA, JR2, JR5, BR1, BR2, BR3, DB1, DB2, PR1) where participating publishers provide COUNTER-compliant data.

JUSP R4 usage reports

A description of generic usage reports available to libraries are listed at https://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/guides/journal-reports/ and https://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/guides/book-reports/

They consist of reports within the following categories:

  • Journal-level and summary reports
  • Book-level and summary reports
  • Database and platform reports

JUSP R4 data visualisations

JUSP uses a 3rd party product called Tableau to provide a series of data visualisations offering an alternative view of institutional and consortia level usage data. These visualisations are intended to complement the main JUSP reports and support reporting, decision making and analysis.

R4 and R5 data collection for 2019

JUSP collected R4 data (where this was supplied by the publisher) until July 2019 reports were collected in August 2019. JUSP continues to collect R4 data beyond July 2019 where a supplier continues to provide R4 data but is not supplying compliant R5 reports.

Data schedule