Top 100 Titles with highest section requests (calendar year or academic year)

What it tells you

There are two versions of this report: calendar year and academic year. Both of these reports show which 100 titles have had the highest number of section requests. You can display by supplier or all suppliers, for one year or all years.

How to run the report

  1. Log in to the portal and go to Books and other (R4)
  2. Select "Top 100 titles with highest section requests by calendar year (from BR2)" or "Top 100 titles with highest section requests by academic year (from BR2)"
  3. Select an individual supplier or all suppliers
  4. Select a year or select all years
  5. Click Generate

How to interpret the data

The top titles are sorted by total section requests based on the BR2.

The graph at the top of the page shows how the level of use is distributed across these 100 titles.

Top tips for using this report

  1. Sort by publisher to see how individual publishers are represented in your top 100 titles
  2. Consider sharing this information with academics to demonstrate top performing titles (either overall, or those relevant to their areas)
  3. High performing resources may be worth highlighting in library reporting mechanisms or publicity