BR1 and BR2 reports

What it tells you

These reports show you the number of direct monthly requests for each title from a selected supplier over a selected period of time in the COUNTER BR1 and BR2 report format.

Book Report 1 provides the number of title requests (i.e. where the whole book is requested), whereas Book Report 2 provides the number section requests for a title (e.g. the number of chapter downloads). Both reports show usage at a title level. If a supplier's report includes titles listed from different publishers, the report view will include an additional column showing the publisher for each title.

Most suppliers will only provide the either BR1 or BR2. You can see which reports a supplier provides from the Participants ( page on the website.

How to run the report

  1. Log in to the portal and go to Books and other (R4)
  2. Select "Book report 1: Number of Successful Title Requests by Month and Title" or "Book report 2: Number of Successful Section Requests by Month and Title"
  3. Select a supplier
  4. Select a date range by month and year
  5. Click Generate

How to interpret the data

The BR1 and BR2 reports only show titles with non-zero usage for the period selected and selected supplier. There may be titles included in your collection that are not included in the report. You can see the number of titles included in the displayed report under the Top 5 titles list. If a title is available from more than one supplier, only usage from the selected supplier is shown.

Top tips for using this report

  1. Sort by total to show titles with the highest/lowest number of requests
  2. Sort by month to show popular titles for a given month
  3. View a table showing the usage of the top five titles and compare this with average usage of all titles accessed in the selected period from that supplier
  4. If the report includes titles from more than one publisher, sort by Publisher to view titles by publisher
  5. Download as a CSV file to do your own more detailed analysis in Excel

BR1 reports

BR2 reports