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View usage of titles and deals

What it tells you

The View usage of titles and deals report lists all the titles in the JR1 usage report for the publisher and year you select, and identifies those that are included in the title lists for the deal or collection you take where those title lists are available in JUSP and where you have added your deal information to JUSP.

These title lists come directly from Knowledge Base+ (KB+) or from other published sources. We do not actively maintain these lists once we have collected them so they will not include subsequent changes that the publishers have made.

How to run the report

  1. Log in to the portal and select View usage of titles and deals
  2. Select publisher
  3. Select a year
  4. Click Generate

How to interpret the data

For most publishers, there will be more titles included in the JR1 report than are listed in the deal or collection that you take. A number of these titles are unlikely to be available to you and will show as nil use. This can create a misleading impression of the amount of nil use within the deal.

While many of these "extra" titles have nil usage, some will have usage against them. Possible reasons may be trials, name changes, titles ceased publication or changed publisher where limited issues are still available.

We are unable to identify all reasons for titles outside the deal appearing in the JR1 though it is possible to see backfile titles, Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) open access titles and individual subscribed titles (if these have been marked up in the core titles area).

Archive or backfile title lists are not available in these reports.

Top tips for using this report

  1. Make sure we have details of the deals you take and those you took in previous years by checking the list on the Welcome screen. Click on Edit to update information
  2. Compare the number of titles in the deal or collection you take to the total number of titles in the JR1 report
  3. Click on individual journal titles to see usage of that title across all years for which data are available including accesses via gateways and host intermediaries (ingentaconnect (Publishing Technology), SwetsWise, EbscoHOST and Ebsco EJS). JR1a (backfile) and JR1 GOA (Gold Open Access) usage are also displayed
  4. Download as a CSV file to do further analysis especially of nil use titles within and outside the deal
  5. Sort by journal title to see all titles in alphabetical order with those titles in the deal marked in the deal column, or sort by Deal to group titles included in the deal and those outside it
  6. Sort by JR1 or JR1a totals to view usage of all titles and backfile titles separately
  7. Identify DOAJ titles among those titles not included in the deal DOAJ symbol
  8. Identify individual subscribed titles held outside the deal (if you have marked these up in the core titles area)

View usage of titles and deals

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