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Titles included in archive per year

What it tells you

These reports give lists of titles included in a range of archive/backfile deals from various publishers. This information comes directly from Knowledge Base+ (KB+) or from other published sources. We do not actively maintain these lists once we have collected them so they will not include subsequent changes that the publishers have made. You will be able to see details of all the deal information we have in JUSP, not just the deals you take.

How to run the report

  1. Log in to the portal and select Titles included in archive per year
  2. Select the deal you would like to take a closer look at
  3. Select a year
  4. Click Generate

How to interpret the data

The data are presented in a table and can be downloaded as a CSV file.

This is a useful way to get lists of titles in deals from one place. The information is usually available from Jisc Collections or Knowledge Base+ (KB+) or the publishers themselves, but getting the titles through JUSP helps save you time tracking them down.

See the related report Titles included in deals per year for frontfile title lists which are not available in these reports.

Top tips for using this report

  1. You may wish to download package details to compare different deals (e.g. different packages from publishers) when taking out deals or renewing
  2. You may wish to use this information to ensure you have an up-to-date listing of titles you have access to
  3. Please be aware that this information is a work in progress and as yet only a very limited number of title lists are available

Titles included in archive per year