JUSP website introductory quiz

Introduction to JUSP: quiz

There are 10 questions below regarding content on the JUSP website. You'll find the answers scattered around the site, with some hints provided!

Have a look at the the About page (http://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/about/) and the list of publishers and intermediaries on the Participants page (http://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/participants/)

1. How many publishers and intermediaries are participating in JUSP?

Have a look at the the FAQ (http://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/faq/)

2. How many different types of reports are available in JUSP?

3. How often are data collected and updated by JUSP on behalf of participating institutions?

Take a look at the JUSP Use Cases which showcase examples of how JUSP can be used to benefit your institution: http://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/use-cases/

4. What checks are used to ensure data within JUSP are reliable?

5. In what format(s) can users export reports from the JUSP portal?

Have a look at the slides from the presentation given at the National Acquisitions Group Fourth Collection Development Seminar for Academic Libraries (http://jusp.jisc.ac.uk/papers-presentations/)

6. How many journals does JUSP currently hold data for?

7. How many individual statistics are there in JUSP?

Have a look at the guides to the JUSP reports:

8. What does the JR1 report include?

9. How are the data displayed in the trends over time report?

10. Which of the following can you profile your usage against in the usage profiling report?