JUSP and COUNTER Release 5

Updated: June 12, 2018

Compliance with Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice will be mandatory from January 2019 (with delivery of January 2019 usage reports due by the end of February 2019). The JUSP team is making preparations for Release 5 with backend development activities currently underway. Apart from supporting development of the COUNTER standard (Ross MacIntyre is on the COUNTER Board of Directors, Paul Needham is on the COUNTER Executive Committee and Chair of the COUNTER Technical Advisory Group), Jisc aims to support the library and publisher community in applying and implementing the standard.


The JUSP team is eager to offer any publisher preparing for R5 support with testing to ensure that the transition to providing libraries with R5 usage statistics is as smooth as possible. If you are a JUSP participating publisher and you'd like to benefit from freely available advice and feedback then please contact help@jisc.ac.uk to work with the JUSP team.


Based on conversations with JUSP participating libraries we know that people are keen to see how the new R5 reports will be presented. As with all of our key developments we will be working with a pilot group of libraries to capture feedback as the R5 project progresses. JUSP participating libraries will subsequently be invited to explore the JUSP R5 prototype service during late Q3/early Q4 (2018). The R5 service will be in production from February 2019 although availability of R5 reports will obviously be subject to availability by participating publishers.

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