Join JUSP for UK academic libraries

JUSP is free to join for all UK higher and further education institutions and research councils. We gather data on behalf of libraries, making it quick and easy to measure the usage of electronic journals and books. We also welcome applications from Jisc affiliate members. Affiliates listed as being below band C get free access to JUSP but those in bands A-C would need to pay - details are available on request.

If your organisation is outside of the UK HE and FE sector, contact our JUSPConsult service to find out about our consultancy and advisory services for online content usage data management.

Is JUSP right for me?

We welcome all UK higher and further education institutions and research councils to JUSP. We recognise that smaller specialist institutions may not take any major deals or may just have one or two, but we collect usage statistics for individual subscribed titles for libraries who do not take a deal and welcome suggestions for publishers to be added to our priority list.

We recommend that you check the list of participating publishers and our guide to help you decide whether JUSP is right for your institution. If you have any queries, please contact and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our member libraries benefit from an easy to use tool that fits seamlessly into library workflows and speeds up the process of decision making and reporting. Find out more about how some of our users are using JUSP through our use cases.

What is the process for institutions joining JUSP?

Joining JUSP is a quick and simple process.

Step one: Log in to the Jisc Collections website and accept the JUSP agreement - you'll need to add the agreement to the basket and 'accept agreement' to complete the checkout process. If you do not see the option to 'add to basket' or 'accept agreement', it may be that you do not have the relevant permissions and will need to speak with your institution's account owner.

Step two: The JUSP team will be in contact with you to find out which participating publishers you use for journals and books. Once we have received your list of publishers, we will send you an email with your login details and our process on data collection for each publishers (in some cases we may need to request further details such as an account number and SUSHI credentials), and add you JUSP libraries mailing list.

How is access controlled and who can see what?

Access is via Shibboleth or OpenAthens authentication and only members of staff authorised by the institution are able to access their institution's usage statistics. Two options are available:

Shibboleth/OpenAthens accounts route

Our preferred option is to manage access via the UK Access Management Federation, which requires the use of an eduPersonEntitlement value to be provided by the Identity Provider (the institution). More information is available at

Additional username and password

Alternatively, registered users can also be allocated a username and password, which will be assigned to you when you join JUSP. Following Shibboleth or OpenAthens authentication, a pop-up box will appear requesting JUSP-assigned login details.

Logged-in users from an institution that has signed the agreement and for which we have gathered data will see their institutional statistics. Logged-in users whose institution is not currently signed up to JUSP will see a "dummy" set of statistics. The dummy data enables you to explore selected JUSP features, although full functionality is best discovered through access to your own data.