What it tells you

In this report you can see the overall monthly and yearly number of requests from a selected publisher. The information is displayed as a graph and a table.

How to run the report

  1. Log in to the portal and select "Trends over time - tables and graphs"
  2. Select publisher
  3. Select a year or select 'All years' to view trends over multiple years (data available from January 2014)
  4. Click Generate

How to interpret the data

The data from this report are presented in a table and a line graph.

The data in the table show the total accesses per month via the publisher. If you chose to display data over all years the table also has a % change column which will show at a glance whether usage has increased or decreased based on the previous year's figures.

The graph demonstrates the pattern of usage over the year (with different lines for different years if viewing the all years report).

Top tips for using this report

  1. You may wish to use the 'all years' graph to identify common peaks and troughs within the academic year and see whether this follows your expected pattern based on term dates
  2. If the percentage change is upwards, this will provide a useful headline figure to use in reports; if the change is downwards, you may want to investigate further
  3. Download table as a CSV file to do your own analysis in Excel


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