Events and Training

This page contains recordings, slides and details of various webinars, presentations and events run or attended by members of the JUSP team. There are also workshop exercises and answers provided.

If you are new to JUSP or if you simply want to quickly remind yourself about what JUSP can do we recommend having a look at the Getting Started Guide, which answers many of the questions that users have when setting up an account and beginning to run reports. We would also recommend viewing our video guides, and then looking at the range of support materials such as guides to reports and FAQs linked from the Support tab above.

Training sessions and webinars

EventDateVenueReportSlidesView webinar
Introduction to JUSP workshop23 May 2017LondonNone1None
Introduction to JUSP workshop4 May 2017ManchesterNone1None
Journal usage data from gateways, intermediaries and platforms in JUSP14 Mar 2017WebinarNone1View webinar
JUSP webinar: Using JR2 and JR5 reports7 Dec 2016None1View webinar
Using JUSP to help with the SCONUL return18 Oct 2016WebinarNone1View webinar
JUSP training - journals and ebooks28 Jun 2016ManchesterNone1None
JUSP in Practice (Webinar)7 Jun 2016WebinarNone1View webinar
JUSP training - journals and ebooks18 May 2016ManchesterView report1 · 2None
Making the Most of JUSP11 Jun 2015LondonView report1 · 2 · 3 · 4None
JUSP in practice (Webinar)10 Apr 2015WebinarNone1 · 2 · 3View webinar
Making the Most of JUSP4 Mar 2015BirminghamView reportNone
Usage profiling in JUSP (Webinar)3 Feb 2015WebinarNone1 · 2 · 3View webinar
Making the Most of JUSP4 Jun 2014University of BathView report1 · 2None
Making the Most of JUSP11 Apr 2014LondonView report1 · 2None
Making the most of JUSP26 Feb 2014BirminghamView report1 · 2 · 3None
Using JUSP to help with the SCONUL return (Webinar)11 Sep 2013WebinarNone1 · 2 · 3View webinar
Making the most of JUSP13 Feb 2013Cardiff UniversityView report1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6None

Training exercises questions and answers

These exercises are designed to help you work through some of the main reports in JUSP using data from our demonstrator site. You will need to contact us for a username and password, and you can then use the dummy data for these exercises or in any other training sessions you wish to run using JUSP.

If you would like a demonstrator username and password, please contact us at

2017 journal exercises

2017 book exercises

2016 journal exercises

2016 book exercises

New to JUSP? Wondering how it can help you? The following is a short quiz which will get you to explore the JUSP website and answer multiple choice questions to test your knowledge. You may find it useful to open the quiz in a new tab or window so you’re free to explore the site to help you find the answers. Some questions have clues to help you if you’re stuck.

JUSP website quiz