Setting up eduPersonEntitlement

JUSP requires that Shibboleth/OpenAthens accounts include permissions that enable an authorised member of staff to view their usage statistics. This requires the use of an eduPersonEntitlement value to be provided by the Identity Provider (the institution) when using Federated Access Management to login to JUSP.

The entitlement value that must be specified is: [please ask your admin to set it up exactly as typed here]

and this must be released to the following SP:

Please contact the individual at your institution governing your directory services to have this entitlement added.

More information on the use of entitlement attributes is available at:

Please refer specifically to section 7.1.5 (eduPersonEntitlement) in the "Technical Recommendations for Participants" document which can be found at:

Further details on how to enable this attribute release can be found at:

Use of this entitlement indicates self-assertion by the institution that the individual is an appropriate member of staff who is authorised by the account owner to have access to the institution's usage statistics as provided by JUSP. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that only users who meet the relevant conditions pass this entitlement value.